Sara Saffari Husband Revealed: Sara Saffari and Bradley Martyn Relationship

Sara Saffari, the captivating fitness influencer, has garnered a massive following among social media users due to her remarkable transformation and entertaining videos. However, questions often arise about her romantic life. Discover the revelation of Sara Saffari husband.

Did she marry Bradley Martyn, a well-known bodybuilder, and owner of a gym? Or is she currently unattached and open to new connections? 

Discover details about Sara Saffari’s marital status, Bradley Martyn wife, relationships, and deeper insight into her life. Take advantage of this exclusive peek into the life of the Internet’s most prominent fitness stars!

Who is Sara Saffari Husband?

Sara was born in Los Angeles on February 28, 2001. Sara Saffari joins Instagram as a star and fitness influencer known for her exercise-themed content on the platform. As of now, she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Sara often works with prominent figures in the fitness industry, including Bradley Martyn, the owner of ZooCulture, a gym frequented by celebrities. Additionally, she maintains an active channel on YouTube for workout videos and vlogs. 

Who is Bradley Martyn?

Is Sara Saffari's husband Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is a multi-talented actor, fitness trainer, YouTuber, and host of the Rawgear Podcast. A native of Los Angeles, California, USA, he was born on May 22, 1989.

Mr. Martyn boasts a self-titled YouTube channel with over three million subscribers. On his channel, he shares content related to fitness, challenges, and collaborations.

Furthermore, Bradley is the proud CEO of Zoo Culture Gym and the creative force behind the lifestyle and fitness apparel brand, Rawgear.

The latest Zoo Culture Gym video published November 18, 2023 is titled “Sara is Back… Ep.43“. There may be more to the rumors than just rumors…

Sara Saffari Husband: Are Sara Saffari and Bradley Martyn Married?

No, Sara Saffari is not romantically involved with Bradley Martyn. They share a close friendship and often collaborate on workouts at ZooCulture, run by Bradley Martyn. 

Sara Saffari has explicitly mentioned her single status and clarified that she is not currently in a relationship during a YouTube Q&A video. Additionally, in a podcast with Bradley Martyn, she expressed that she believes they have a stronger friendship dynamic than a romantic one.

Sara Saffari Dating 

Sara Saffari is single. In a recent Q&A video on her YouTube channel, the fitness influencer explicitly mentioned that she is not involved with anyone romantically.

During the video, she expressed her desire to find a partner who is dependable, confident, and has clear goals in life. She did not disclose any details about her past relationships or dating history.

Sara Saffari Boyfriend

Sara Saffari does not have a boyfriend. That’s perfectly fine! Everyone’s relationship status is personal and can change over time.