Welcome to “Sarah in Tampa” – a virtual window into my world of creativity, passion, and mindful living. I’m Sarah, your companion on this journey towards embracing the beauty of homemaking, gardening, and holistic wellness.

Home is Where the Heart Blooms

For me, home is more than just a place; it’s a canvas where I paint my dreams and weave warmth into every corner. My love for homemaking is an expression of this philosophy. From arranging cushions to experimenting with color palettes, I find solace in creating spaces that resonate with comfort and harmony.

Cultivating Life, One Seed at a Time

Gardening is my meditation, a process where I connect with the Earth’s rhythm. The joy of tending to my edible garden, watching each plant flourish under my care, fills me with a sense of accomplishment that’s truly unparalleled. My garden isn’t just a source of organic nourishment; it’s a reminder of the beautiful cycle of growth.

From Farm to Table: A Gastronomic Adventure

Exploring the culinary possibilities of my garden’s yield is a delightful journey. I cherish the “farm to table” experience, crafting meals that not only satiate my taste buds but also tell a story of love and dedication. There’s an indescribable satisfaction in knowing exactly where my food comes from.

Sustainable Interior Designer with a Purpose

As a sustainable interior designer, I merge aesthetics with ethics. Each project I undertake is a testament to my commitment to the environment. I believe that a space should reflect not just personal style, but also a responsibility towards the planet we call home.

Nurturing the Soul: Empathy and Holistic Healing

Being an empath has sensitized me to the energies that surround us. When my corporate journey allows, I channel this sensitivity into facilitating sound healing and Reiki. Guiding others towards balance and serenity is a gift I treasure and share whenever I can.

“Sarah in Tampa” is more than a blog – it’s a celebration of authenticity, a reminder to live intentionally, and an invitation to explore the wonders of creating a mindful, beautiful life. Join me in this adventure of growth, both in the garden and within ourselves.

With love and creativity,