How a Mini Facelift Can Enhance Your Appearance

If you’re thinking about touching up your appearance, and you want to look more youthful, there are options, including a facelift. You might not want a full lift, though, or you may not be a good candidate for one, for a number of reasons.

Fortunately, getting a mini facelift could be the perfect answer to your needs and goals. By working with a trusted surgeon and asking plenty of questions, you can decide whether a mini facelift is the right procedure for you.

What a Mini Facelift Offers

A mini facelift is a smaller version of the traditional facelift, and doesn’t involve as much change. However, it can still help you look and feel younger and more rejuvenated. It typically targets the lower part of your face, and will tighten the jawline and neck areas.

Those are often trouble spots as you age and the skin in those areas sags, as it can create “jowls” and a heavier, square appearance to the face. By tightening those areas, you’ll have a more youthful look again.

How It’s Different From a Full Lift

Dr. Joel Aronowitz and others who perform both full and mini facelifts understand that sometimes there are specific areas that need to be addressed, and a full facelift isn’t necessary.

A mini facelift won’t improve the area around your eyes or your forehead, but that may be fine depending on what you’re looking for. Not everyone needs treatment in those areas, either, as the jawline and neck can be more noticeable and problematic as you age.

Many People Are Good Candidates

A lot of people are good candidates for a mini facelift. If you’re not interested in a full facelift but you have some sagging skin or a heavier look in the neck and jawline areas, you could be a great candidate for this procedure.

Of course, other medical concerns or issues will also matter. It’s very important to talk to a surgeon about your concerns, and ask them plenty of questions, so you can feel confident as you move forward with the procedure itself.

Work With a Confident Surgeon

Working with a surgeon such as Joel Aronowitz MD is important to get a mini facelift you’re happy with. You want a surgeon who has a lot of experience with the procedure and who can talk to you about the results you’ll be expecting. That can give you a more realistic outcome and help you feel good about your choice when you’re fully healed.